I’m William Tyler Bradley.  I go by Tyler, but sometimes William will show up so I’ve included by full name for the site.  I currently work in healthcare on the payer side as a data scientist.  My job involves wrangling data, deriving predictions, and communicating results all within a large company setting.

About Me

I went to Appalachian State University in Boone. NC for an undergraduate degree in Statistics with a minor in Computer Science.  After that, I attended Virginia Tech for a Master’s in Statistics.  While I was there, I work at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis where I got to help faculty and other grad students with their statistical analyses.  After that, I moved to the Institute for Advance Analytics at NC State.  Now, I work for Florida Blue in Jacksonville, Florida.

About the Site

This site is an addition to my digital resume.  I’m planning various posts based on reviews, articles, and my work outside of work.  This blog is more of a broadcast of what I’m doing and it’s main purpose to push me along and keep track of my progress within healthcare and data science.