Book Review: The Health Care Handbook

This review is for Elisabeth Askin and Nathan Moore’s, The Health Care Handbook: A Clear and Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System.


4/5 Pretty Good

I really like this book.  It’s a great jump into the US health care system.  It covers all the major players involved without going into too much detail.  One aspect I really enjoyed were the glossaries and references at the end of chapters.  These ranged from articles to blogs to other books.  The references helped make this book a good start to general health care knowledge while serving as a jumping point to more advance resources.  It’s a short read, which has it’s pros and cons.   I did not like a lot of graphics, which have weird shadows and odd line thickness.  The section on careers paths is a tough read straight through, but could serve as a good reference later.  I also really liked the neural tone they had on health care costs.  Overall, it’s a good short book that anyone starting out in health care should read.