Coursera Review: Hadoop Platform and Application Framework

This is the second course in the Big Data Specialization.  It was a general overview of Hadoop.


3/5 – Still pretty basic Hadoop

This was a standard introduction to Hadoop.  While the information is nice, I really wish there had been some more hands-on learning.  There was a lot of time in the videos spent on different commands, but the exercises only focused on a few.  Also if you don’t know Python, the Spark section would probably be annoying.  This course is nice, but I don’t think it was worth $79.00 (the price at the time of writing this post).  I probably could have bought a book on Hadoop, set up the VM, and learned more for cheaper.  There were some minor issues with the videos and sound/pronunciation too.  Since the videos were only a few minutes long, when they’re not double checked and fixed it makes the instructors look lazy.  One bonus for Coursera is the other classmates.  There were times when I had trouble and looking at the discussions really helped me.  That is something you can’t get anywhere else easily.