Coursera Review: Introduction to Big Data

I’ve started the Big Data Specialization by University of California, San Diego.  This specialization focuses on Big Data by using Hadoop.  There are a couple courses ending with a capstone project.  The first course is “Introduction to Big Data.”


3/5 – Basic Intro Course

This was a basic introduction course.  The three week-long classes were pretty easy.  They were mostly videos and ended with setting up Hadoop.  The first course in a lot of specializations are just a simple beginning one and this fit the same model.  It did give a nice overview of several concepts, talked about Gartner’s hype curve, and had an easy installation of VMWare and Hadoop.  I can’t really complain a lot, but I also don’t have a lot of praise for it either.  For the amount of money, it’s not really worth it, but the rest of courses can make up for this one.  I do think it’s a good start and sets up the rest of the specialization nicely.