Sunday Links

Every Sunday (or so), I plan on having a series of links to various content that I found interesting.  I’ve debated about whether it should only consist of article I agree with or disagree, if I should write a lot about them, etc.  Right now, I’m just listing them out and maybe add a sentence or two to discuss why I’ve listed them.

Hello World

For the first post, here is my plan for this site.  I’m looking to have several sections based on healthcare, stats, coding, professional development, maybe more.  I’m going to have regular updates on a few topics, such as weekly articles and works in progress.  I’ll have reoccurring posts on reviews for books, classes, tutorials, etc.  Finally, there will be sporadic posts on various subjects.  The site will hopefully upload everything nicely and use the categories to correctly organize all the posts.  Links will be provided when necessary and code will be up on GitHub.  If you have any questions, just go to the contact page.