Web Scraping for Site Design

For the site, I wanted the banner at the top to be Data Science-y.  So, naturally that would be a graph.  I couldn’t find a pre-collected data set that I liked.  This lead me to get my own data and I decided on the letter frequencies from the ‘Data Science’ Wikipedia article.  From the time of scraping the article to writing this one, I can already see that the content has changed a lot.  So if the code is ran now, it’ll definitely yield different results and probably break altogether.  That is the nature of Wikipedia.  In addition to this, I scraped the overall letter frequencies.  I typically use Python for web scraping, but this time I tried out R.  I think I prefer Python, but that’s probably due to me being already familiar with it.  Overall, R is fine and I’ll use it again for scraping sometime.

The code is found here.